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Andrea Lotto Architetti was born from the experience of A(+)Architettura, from which it inherits the inheritance.


Building on the experience gained over the last decade in the field of executive and industrial architecture where remains the largest industrial area in Europe, Porto Marghera, practice is a reliable partner for companies, public entities, private organizations.


Design is developed starting from the Preliminary Project up to the production of the Executive Documents, constantly crossing the external image of the building with the care for the realization of the internal spaces to the same.


Conceptual elaboration of each Project always crosses through a deep theoretical study, where Architecture is the result of the interaction between different artistic and technical disciplines.


Structure of Andrea Lotto Architetti, extremely slim, is a focal point of professional's network able to interact and provide complex, conscious, definitive design answers.

Andrea Lotto



In 2008 he founded A(+)Architettura, a synthesis of experiences gained within professional firms in Milan.

In 2018 Andrea Lotto Architetti is the natural consequence of a human, cultural and professional journey that brings together almost two decades of teaching.

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